GB OX-100B Anti-Oxidant Compound, Charcoal Paste, 1 oz Tube

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  • GB OX-100B Anti-Oxidant Compound, Charcoal Paste, 1 oz Tube

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    GB OX-100B

    Ox-Gard anti-oxidant compound contains prime grade zinc and is formulated with metallic zinc to create a compound that enhances electrical and thermal conductivity which is used on high power crimp connections and stud bolt mountings. When the connection is tightened, the grease is displaced, leaving a layer of zinc filling in the surface imperfections of the interface. This has a two-fold effect; it improves electrical conductivity and it improves thermal conductivity. This reduces the connection temperature under high power conditions by a reduced voltage drop and by providing a heat conductivity path to the connection's substrate. Ox-gard anti-oxidant compound is manufactured with unique grease compounded from custom refined low Sulphur oil. The grease base ensures brush-ability over a wide temperature range, tenacious adherence to all surfaces, resistance to water wash out and the prevention of rust and corrosion. This makes the product easier and more reliable to use.

    California residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS

    Color    :    Gray
    Compositions    :    Calcium Carbonate, Graphite, Petroleum Oil, Talc, Zinc (Powder)
    Flash Point    :    >221 deg C
    Form    :    Charcoal Paste
    Odor/Scent    :    Petrol
    Package Size    :    1 oz
    Package Type    :    Tube
    Solubility in Water    :    Negligible
    Specific Gravity    :    1.36
    pH Range    :    Neutral
    • Makes connections more reliable
    • Makes connections more weatherproof
    • Protects connections from corrosion
    • Reduces temperate rise
    • Low Sulphur content
    • Non-reactive, no gassing in storage
    • Brushable over a wide temperature range
    • Sticks to wet joints