Trimmer cutting overgrown grass

Landscaping Basics

The sun is shining, the grass is growing, and your yard is starting to look like a jungle. It’s time to tame the beast - but where do you start? With help from Outdoor Supply Hardware you can get the clean, pristine look of a freshly landscaped yard!

Grab Your Gear

Outdoor power equipment makes any landscaping job easier. Nothing beats the power of a 2-stroke gas engine for heavy cutting. But if you prefer something quieter, there are plenty of electric options with comparable power.

  • Weed trimmer
  • Edger (optional)
  • Lawn mower with bag attachment
  • Leaf blower

Step 1: Trim The Tall Stuff

Even the most powerful mowers can get bogged down if your grass gets too tall. Using a weed trimmer to knock down anything taller than 10 inches will make mowing much easier.

Step 2: Time to Mow

With your mower set to the appropriate cutting height, make 2 or 3 passes around the perimeter of your lawn. Then mow the rest in rows of alternating directions. This helps create the striped look seen on golf courses and professionally landscaped lawns. Empty the mower’s bag frequently, especially if the grass is a little damp.


Change up your mowing pattern every few weeks to prevent wheel ruts from forming in the soil.

Step 3: Clean Up the Edges

Even the healthiest lawn can look messy if the edges aren’t cleaned up. Go around the perimeter with your trimmer to clean up any areas the mower may have missed - especially hard-to-reach areas like next to a wall or in tight corners where your mower just won’t fit. For a clean, sharp look, you can cut a defined edge for your lawn with an edger, or use a blade attachment on your weed trimmer.

Step 4: Blow it Off

Once you’ve trimmed, mowed and edged your yard, it’s time for the finishing touch. Fire up your leaf blower and blow off any stray grass clippings and small yard debris that’s left behind.